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Own Default Email Signature in Salesforce

Yes, when using the Send Email function, when crafting a new custom, blank email - you can have a default email signature appear automatically on the bottom of your email. Simply follow below steps Click on your name (in the upper right hand section of the screen), and navigate to SetupSelect Email > My Email SettingsAdd your Signature in the appropriate box (see screenshot below for reference).Press Save Happy Sharing... Everyone has their own favourites, so please feel free to share yours in the comments below!

Log In Password-Free with Lightning Login

Salesforce: Authentication and Identity Passwords get the job done, helping to secure your Salesforce org. But it’s no secret—weak passwords, forgotten passwords, and locked-out accounts can be a hassle. Now, logging in can be as simple as a click, a tap, and a touch: Click your username, tap to approve the notification on your mobile device, and authenticate with your fingerprint or PIN. The speed, convenience, and enhanced security that users get with Lightning Login leaves password-protected logins in the dust. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Your users’ Lightning Login experience is incredibly simple.Click—Look for the lightning bolt next to your Lightning Login–enabled username, and click your username.Tap—On your mobile device, tap the notification from the Salesforce Authenticator app.Touch—Verify your identity with your fingerprint or PIN. Presto! You’re logged in. Password-free …